New Year, New Challenges :-)

Perhaps it’s a human tradition, but once started the new Year people has a lot of good propositions to do during the year. In this regard, I (a common software engineer, but a person too 😉 ) have my own propositions, as the rest of the world. And one of them is to resurrect this blog, an exciting but hard task.

In my opinion it will be it will be hard, too hard, as not everybody will accept my opinions, thoughts, acts and experiences as good. Furthermore,  sometimes the energy to keep working hard will not be there.

On the other side, it will be very exciting, and challenging too!! I believe that as one arrives to his thirties, he has accumulated the enough knowledge and experiences to write them somewhere whether to share them to the rest of the world or simply to have somewhere where he can search them when his memory fails :-P.

By now, That’s all, hope to meet you again soon!


One thought on “New Year, New Challenges :-)

  1. Serendipity!! You started your new blog adventure the same day that Adrià was born!! 😀

    Congrats and I wish you a lot of topics to write about!!

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