Personal branding

Personal brand + domain name = ?

The first steps of my blog-resurrection plan is to give it a  nice User eXperience (UX). That’s the first because of some reasons:

– Give the blog a better readability to ease my eventual readers the hard task of reading my tedious posts

– Make it nicer will give me more energy to keep focused on writing nice posts

– I’ll learn new concepts like SEO, SEM, etc. Yes, it seems crazy for a software engineer, but in my day-to-day work I don’t have to fight with such techniques but, as I want to improve the blog  UX it’s good to make it easy to be found on web search engines.

Once defined the reach of the UX improvement I wanted to perform, I’ve started doing something involved on the 1st and the 3rd point, defining what’s known as my personal brand and giving it a good domain name. So, I googled searching for information regarding which are the best techniques, and I found lots of good articles, from which I’d like to highlight the next ones:

– Understanding domain names

– The dot com is taken for my name

– Dot com are domain names even relevant now

– Learn seo domain

The most relevant points I’ve learned from these articles are:

– It’s better to use your personal name than a short description about what you’re interested now, because interests change in an easier manner than your name

– If your name is taken it will be harder to have a good domain but with a little of imagination you’ll find a good domain

– Use a short domain name

– Even though .name seems the best TLD  for personal branding, the reality says that it’s usually interpreted as spam, so it’s better to use the .com as main TLD. As an IT professional this is the most surprising point to me, as I’ve always thought that .name was better than .com for personal brand, but I suppose that the street people do not understand the .name TLD.

So in basis to all this stuff, I’ve decided to use as it fits with mainly all the recommendations of the SEO experts. I hope it will be easy to remember 😉